N.Sanchir received the European Union of Arts prize to become the first Mongolian artist to receive this award.

Born in the family of a famous Mongolian painter, Sanchir was brought up in the artistic atmosphere. It helped him to reveal all the magic of artistic universe and since his childhood arts became sustenance of his soul, and main purpose of his life. His father Namkhaitseren known in Mongolia not only as a painter, but as a musician, and founder and director of National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet who won the State prize, and was awarded with the highest honor title of “People’s Painter of Mongolia”. It is a rare thing in Mongolia that a family can trace its roots 4-5 generations back all to be residents of capital city. Sanchir’s father encouraged his talent and motivated him to build his artistic background even stronger. They say the fate to become an artist had been given to Sanchir at birth. Unlike his father, his artistic instinct was towards personal arts rather than theater crowded with people. But things didn’t come easily to him. However, at those times the matters would be considered and solved by higher-standing authorities, and one would go through a whole range of bureaucratic rigmarole to get official permission to make large-scale murals. Against all odds, luck was on Sanchir’s side, the first skillfully performed wall decorations won appreciation and admiration.

Nowadays, many of his landscapes, portraits, and graphics can be seen displayed at Mongolian National Arts Gallery, as well as Union of Mongolian Artists’ Gallery.  The changes in Mongolia and all over the world had left a deep mark in his work. “Prague Spring”, Political change in former Czechoslovakia and Eastern Europe greatly influenced his work as well. This has to be pointed out so greatly because before Soviet regime collapsed, not only artists but all the Mongolian society had no voice, and the freedom of creativity. The authorities decided everything, from what you wear, what you eat, what you speak to what you create. A long time of frustration to fulfill his desire for freedom of creativity, are evident in his work of early 90s’ after soviet regime fell in Mongolia. Sanchir has a lot of realistic, abstract style paintings that were a burst of desire to create driven by his heart and soul. 

The democracy of today’s life provides any artist to create things with a free mind and free hand, what Sanchir uses at full capacity. At last, he is able to share with people great pleasure and happiness of the feelings kept inside for so many years. The faces of people living in steppes, the steppes, and the cradle of human world – become the main topics of this artist what he has been carrying in his heart throughout his life. 

Sanchir’s critically acclaimed exhibition that brought him European Prize for Fine Arts by European Union of Arts has been held in 2004 in Prague, Czech. This personal exhibition of Sanchir has made a big noise and was spoken about for a long period of time. The exhibition was held in an International gallery MIRO, and professional art critics were appointed to determine the price and worth of the paints. Painter Sanchir Namkhaitseren is very first and only Mongolian painter to be awarded with European Prize for Fine Arts by European Union of Arts to this day.

Through his latest works he shows the nation’s history, its beautiful countryside, the saint ancient philosophy, the innermost desires of its people, and great fondness of the homeland that he feels with his heart. Back at home Sanchir’s achievements on an international scale didn’t go unnoticed. He was awarded with Northern Star State Award by the State, Union of Mongolian Artists’ life time achievement award, Union of Mongolian Writers awarded Painter Sanchir for his contribution to Arts with achievement award named after writer Namdag Dornov, and State has awarded Sanchir with Supreme Prize of the State “Red Banner of Labor”.

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