N.Sanchir received the European Union of Arts prize to become the first Mongolian artist to receive this award.

Born in the family of a famous Mongolian painter, Sanchir was brought up in the artistic atmosphere. It helped him to reveal all the magic of artistic universe and since his childhood arts became sustenance of his soul, and main purpose of his life. His father Namkhaitseren known in Mongolia not only as a painter, but as a musician, and founder and director of National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet who won the State prize, and was awarded with highest honor title of “People’s Painter of Mongolia”. It is a rare thing that a family can trace its roots 4-5 generations back, all residents of Mongolia’s capital city. Sanchir’s father encouraged his talent and motivated him to build his artistic background even stronger.
They say the fate to become an artist had been given to Sanchir at birth…

Oil on canvas
70 x 90

Oil on canvas
90 x 115

Ink on paper
43 x 62

Oil on canvas
60 x 80

Doctor, Professor Miroslav Klivar (1932 – 2014)

Art critic

In his drawings something original traces: it isn’t as a drawing of Renaissance – a precise correspondence of anatomy, but a great amount of respect of nature of the highest beings, and the desire to clear a soul and a body from evil.